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Jul 15, 2024

Get messy with art! Explore painting, collage, sculpture, and more.

Welcome to Mixed Media Madness Art Camp, where creativity goes wild and every artwork is super cool! This camp is awesome for kids who love trying new art stuff and making cool things. From Monday to Friday, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, we're going on a big adventure to make all kinds of awesome art.

We'll mix all sorts of art things together, like paint, paper, and even stuff you find lying around. It's all about having fun and making cool stuff you'll love to show off! We'll try out lots of different ways to make art, like painting, drawing, making prints, and even making mini-sculptures. Every day, we'll do something new and exciting. Sometimes, we'll work together to make big art projects. It's all about having fun with friends and making awesome art together!

Mixed Media Madness Art Camp is the best place to let your imagination go wild and make awesome art with friends. Come join us for a week of creative fun at Mixed Media Madness Art Camp. Let's make some art that's totally cool!

Tuition is $100 for five days, two hours each day. But if you’re signing up for multiple camps, there is a discount!

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