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Jun 3, 2024

Ready to rock? Explore play instruments, form bands, and perform like a rockstar.

Get ready to rock and roll at Rockstar Bootcamp! This super fun camp is for kids who love music and dream of being rockstars. From Monday to Friday, 12:30-2:30, campers will dive into the world of rock music. They'll learn to play guitar, drums, bass, and keyboards from our awesome rock musicians. Plus, they'll get to form bands with their friends, come up with cool band names, and design logos. There will be fun group jam sessions, drum circles, and music games where everyone works together. And, campers will even learn how to record their band's performance, adding their own special touch. Rockstar Bootcamp is the coolest way for kids to rock out, make new friends, and become music superstars. Join us for a week of music, fun, and awesome memories at Rockstar Bootcamp!

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