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SEW MUCH FUN Sewing Camp

Jun 24, 2024

Get crafty with fabric and thread! Learn to sew pillows, purses, and more.

Where Creativity Comes to Life! This camp is perfect for kids aged 9 and up who love fashion and want to learn how to sew with fabric and thread. From Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, campers will dive into a sewing adventure packed with fun projects, challenges, and lots of inspiration. Campers will start by learning the basics of sewing, like how to use a sewing machine, sew straight lines, and follow patterns, with personalized help and support from our experienced instructor. Every day, campers will work on a new sewing project, making things like pillows, hair accessories, bags, and even clothes! They'll also get to pick out colorful fabrics for their projects and learn how to mix and match them. Sew Much Fun Camp isn't just about sewing - it's about learning new skills, expressing creativity, and feeling proud of what you make. Join us for a week of sewing, creativity, and fun at Sew Much Fun Camp. Let's make some awesome memories together!

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