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Intro To Band


$99 per course


50 minutes
5 weeks

About the Course

In this 5-week course they'll learn the basics of some of the most popular instruments like guitar, piano, drums, bass guitar and ukulele, and they will experience playing them in a band with new friends. This is a great way to let your child give music a go without needing to commit to on-going lessons right away. This course is for kids ages 5-18, and we will be dividing them by their age group.

Here's what you'll get access to:

* 4 x 50min lessons with a small group of new friends

* Your very own Intro To Band workbook so that your child can remember all the amazing things they learn in your lessons.

* Access to video lessons that can be used as reminders of the things learned.

* A rock band party, where you'll get to experience rocking out in a band and doing a rockstar photoshoot.

Every Student who completes the course also gets:

* An ‘Intro to Band Certificate' and graduation photo

* A super cool Marshall Fine Arts Academy t-shirt.

* A video of themselves performing with the class

* Photos from their Rockstar photoshoot

So if your child hasn't experienced our Intro to Band yet, then click the sign up button and get them registered today for our next in-take. The schedule will depend on your availability and the instructor's open slots.

Your Instructor

Ross Guyer

Ross Guyer

Ross Guyer is a seasoned guitar teacher with over 17 years of experience in the music industry. He has been playing guitar since the age of 12 and has honed my skills through years of performing in various bands and acts all over the United States. His passion for music and teaching led him to become a guitar instructor, where he has been helping students of all levels achieve their musical goals. With a focus on technique, theory, and performance, he provides personalized lessons tailored to each student's needs and aspirations. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, he will help you take your guitar skills to the next level.

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