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Music for Homeschoolers


$75 per month


50 minutes

About the Course

Step into the enchanting world of music with our class designed for preschoolers and elementary-aged children. "Musical Adventures for Young Explorers" offers a captivating, school-inspired curriculum tailored to the unique interests of young learners.

In this class, children will:

- Develop a strong sense of rhythm through interactive games and activities.

- Explore pitch through singing and playing basic instruments.

- Express themselves through creative musical activities.

- Bring stories to life through music and sound effects.

- Discover a variety of instruments hands-on.

- Cultivate collaboration and social skills through group activities.

Join us for a musical journey that fosters a love for music and provides a strong foundation in rhythm, pitch, and creative expression.

Your Instructor

Mia Hoon

Mia Hoon

Mia Hoon is originally from Longview, Washington, but she graduated from Winnsboro, Texas high school. She is a junior at ETBU and is a music education major with focus on trumpet. She is passionate about early childhood music education and loves being a part of this community. She plans on getting her masters in educational leadership, and wishes to teach middle school and elementary music, while growing in her Christian faith.

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