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$135 per course


1 hour
7 weeks

About the Course

This course is perfect for beginners and those seeking to enhance their sewing skills. In this seven-lesson course, you'll acquire the proficiency to operate a sewing machine with ease, from threading to stitch adjustments. Simple sewing patterns will be your guide as you create various projects, such as tote bags and cushion covers, helping you apply your newfound expertise.

This course is all-inclusive, welcoming both kids aged 10 and above and adults, making it an ideal choice for families to engage in creative time together. Our experienced instructor is there to provide patient guidance, whether you're just starting or returning for more practice.

You'll explore a variety of creative projects as you progress through the course, allowing you to express your creativity through fabric and thread. The classroom offers a supportive and encouraging environment for learning and experimentation, and you'll gain a valuable life skill that empowers you to mend, create, and personalize fabric-based items. Join us for a fulfilling sewing experience, where you can hone your sewing machine skills and bring your creative visions to life.

Your Instructor

Angie Mayoaux

Angie Mayoaux

Angie Mayeaux started her theatrical career when she was in Marshall High School. She was the costume designer under the direction of Susan Wise for The Heiress, The Rhymers of Eldridge. For the past 32 years she has taught blind and visually impaired children. She lives with her 22 year old son and enjoys spending time with her dad, Jim Easley, and her family.

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